Sunday, May 3, 2020

More food fun

Julianne has become the little...presence...whispering in my ear lately.  She spied the floral focaccia last week and showed it to me.  She also stumbled across "Leopard" bread and had me take a look.  I think she's liking how this works out for her so far.

The inspiration comes from this blog.

I didn't follow the recipe and methods exactly-I couldn't figure out why I'd refrigerate dough for an hour for the first rise so I did what I always do and kept it on the counter.  The chocolate paste was too dry so I kept adding milk until I liked the consistency.  Would it have handled easier/better following her method?  Maybe, but I'll likely never know.😉
I'm having a lot of fun trying these new ideas.  How about you?  Has the pandemic pushed you toward anything new and interesting?

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