Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What to tell your driving instructor in the event that you brake too hard...

Our friend, Molly, started driver's ed this week. As we reminisced about Julianne's first driving experiences, we decided to make a list of comments Molly can use if she finds herself braking too try to save face.
  1. "Just checking to make sure the seat is locked in."
  2. "The tail hook caught!"
  3. "Now we all know how inertia works."
  4. "Seat belt functionality? Check!"
  5. Squeal excitedly, then say "I've missed Cedar Point!"
  6. "Sorry, I thought I was pushing the clutch."
  7. "I'm just trying to wake up that kid in the back seat."
  8. "Did you know my dad's a whiplash insurance salesman?"
  9. "I was trying to keep us from becoming a crash statistic."
  10. Look at the teacher and ask "What'd you do that for?"
Hopefully, this list will get Molly through those first few awkward attempts to use the brakes.
Oh, we also suggested she write these on her hand/arm so she has them handy when she needs them. I'm sure perusing the list to choose the perfect one to use while she's driving isn't all that unsafe...

Molly, if you're reading this, maybe you'd better just commit them to memory.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Not trying to be political...

I'm just sayin', Mitt Romney...

that if you want me to consider voting for you...

maybe your tour bus and police escort shouldn't have cut me off in the HOV lane in Atlanta yesterday.
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