Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Bible Quiz

Yesterday was a regional quiz including teams from Michigan, Ohio, New York, Indiana, and Illinois. One coach I talked to said it took them seven hours to get there-thankfully, we only had a couple hours' drive.

Allison's team got second place after losing-for the first time this year-to a team from New York. They lost by one question, which always makes an exciting round to watch.

Julianne's team also took second place in their division, losing to a team from Indiana. They also lost by only one question.

Neither of my girls made it past the prelims in individual competition. I spent the day working in the stats room, and I think there was only one Michigan kid who made it to the final round. Those out of state quizzers are a force to be reckoned with!

One more regular quiz next month, followed by another regional, and then nationals. These regional quizzes give the kids a chance to see what the competition will be like at nationals and hopefully, they are encouraged to study harder. Plus, it's just fun to pile a bunch of excited kids into cars, play crazy games as you drive for hours, and meet new people you don't quiz against routinely, right?
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Monday, March 7, 2011

The chickening resumes

You may not remember, but Allison and Julianne (mostly Allison) have a lot of fun "chickening" their friends at camp each summer. And at church sometimes. Or at a quiz once in a while.

At last month's quiz, Allison got a her friends. A chicken finger puppet. She thought it was cute and fun.

Our friends left the quiz for vacation at lunchtime but't over yet.

The next week at quiz practice, the kids' aunt came in just to deliver something that they had forgotten to take to the quiz. Allison's friend, Josh, asked her the other day what she thought of the second gift.

She responded by telling him that she'd read the instructions and found them interesting. "First", she said, "You wring its neck. Then you put the eggs in. Then you stick the head back on, then the eggs come out its rear end."

Josh had been warning Allison that he would "have his revenge at the quiz". She didn't think the puppet was too bad. But the chicken Ick. So icky, in fact, that she wants to make sure she takes it to quiz practice so she can offer him some gum.

I'm pretty sure she's already plotting her next chickening adventure.

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