Saturday, April 30, 2011

Allison's flowers

Spring is arriving here. It's just coming slowly. Our first daffodil bloomed on Easter, followed by several more as the week wore on.

Since we don't yet have lots of colorful blooms outside, I'm sharing some flowers Allison made (she also gets the photo credit).

I checked out a Kanzashi book from the library several months ago when Allison and I were in an origami class at co-op. She enjoyed the origami so much, I just knew she'd be interested in Kanzashi. I was right.

I kept thinking I'd look at the book and try some things out but somehow, I never got around to it. Allison took it and ran with it. She is constantly crafting new flowers out of scraps-or new fat quarters.

So, until spring is fully sprung in these here parts, we'll have to brighten our days with Allison's blooms.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

April Quiz

This past Saturday was the final all-Michigan quiz, on John 1-21.

Allison's team came in third and Julianne's team didn't place! (I think the kids all got a little over-confident and didn't study as hard.)

However, since it was the end of the "regular" season, some special awards were handed out.

Allison's team tied for "Team of the Year" in the young teen division.

Julianne's team was named "Team of the Year" in the senior teen division.

("Team of the year" is based on the overall win/loss record for the year.)

Then awards were handed out to individual quizzers based on a formula using their personal scores during team play from the whole season. The top five in each division are named as All-Stars. Allison was 4th place in the young teen division.

Julianne took 1st place on the Senior Teen All-Stars!

Congratulations, girls! We are very proud of you!

May will bring a regional quiz in Indiana, followed by nationals in June, so the studying isn't over yet!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodies from friends

The mail lady came roaring up our driveway today and beeped her horn to let us know she was here. I was surprised, because the long awaited package of school supplies I ordered had finally arrived Monday and I wasn't expecting any other packages.

Inside the package we found some delightful things from our friends at Hospitality Lane...

Click on the picture-I was cracking up when I read it.

They sent us several lovely candles that Becky made. (Did you know she has a new etsy shop now?)

Then there were cookies, too. Mocha Truffle Cookies, to be exact. Chelsea was kind enough to include the recipe, which we really appreciated because these are some wonderful cookies!

Thanks so much dear friends-you brightened our day with your surprise!
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