Sunday, September 8, 2019

The past week's efforts

Allison is calling this my "Table of Accomplishment".😀 It's a table set up in our living room in order to allow the jars to stand undisturbed without taking up the whole kitchen.

I bought a bushel of peaches, a bushel of tomatoes, and a big box of jalapenos at a Mennonite store.  Then I spent three days "putting up" all of it and feared I'd actually run out of rings to fasten down the lids of my jars.

I made tomato-peach salsa, regular salsa, crushed tomatoes, candied jalapenos, peach jam with regular pectin and, for the first time, peach jam using Pomona's pectin.  I've heard of Pomona's for years but never picked any up to try until this year.  Making the Pomona's immediately after making the traditional jam was astonishingly eye-opening.  The same amount of peaches went into each recipe but the sugar was 2 cups for the Pomona's and 7 1/2 cups for the traditional!  

I made rolls the day of this picture and decided they might as well go on the table to cool because, really, it IS satisfying to look at all of it in one spot.  The rolls are the first installment on the 300 promised for a friend's daughter's wedding in October.  I didn't want to freeze them for too long but since I get about 4 dozen out of a batch of dough, I had to get started to fit in 6-7 batches before the big day.

The rolls are in the freezer and the jarred goodies are all put yesterday I canned some pickled red onions.  I've never tried them before so we'll see what we think in a couple weeks.  Canning is both immediate and delayed gratification.


  1. I’m glad Julianne post a link to this post! You are always so productive! I started using Pomona’s several years ago and it’s all I use now.

    Are you blogging again?

  2. I am a Pomona's convert!

    As for blogging, we'll see. It's been so long that I actually struggled to get my pic to upload-everything has changed, just a little, but enough with my advancing age to throw me off. LOL


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