Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Quiz

Last Saturday was the first quiz of the new season. This year they are studying the book of John. The kids seem to find it easier to keep things straight in the gospels than the's more like telling a story so they retain it better.

The best news is that we have 10 kids quizzing this year, up from only three last year. This puts the girls on separate teams

Allison quizzed in the Young Teen Vet division. Her team took first place. She also made it to finals in individual competition, but didn't place.

Julianne's team quizzed in the Senior Teen Vet division, also taking home a first place trophy. She was knocked out of the individual competition in the preliminary round.
We are very excited to have such a nice group of kids quizzing this year. It presents new challenges, like transportation to the quizzes, but it is so wonderful to see so many kids interested in studying and quizzing on God's word.
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  1. Good job girls! Check out my blog, there are several new posts there! Have a good day!!

  2. Good job girls! I am always so proud of my quizzing nieces:>) Yay that you have more team mates this year, I'm sure it makes it more fun!

  3. Great news!

    I know they will enjoy the challenge of John and the fun of more people to study and quiz with!

  4. YAYYY!!!! They're just so amazing! When is the SAU quiz? Fall or spring? I LOVE YOU GUYS!
    Love, Victoria

  5. Yay!!!!
    You guys need to come back here soon. Do I say that a lot? Hm, must be true...



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