Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodies from friends

The mail lady came roaring up our driveway today and beeped her horn to let us know she was here. I was surprised, because the long awaited package of school supplies I ordered had finally arrived Monday and I wasn't expecting any other packages.

Inside the package we found some delightful things from our friends at Hospitality Lane...

Click on the picture-I was cracking up when I read it.

They sent us several lovely candles that Becky made. (Did you know she has a new etsy shop now?)

Then there were cookies, too. Mocha Truffle Cookies, to be exact. Chelsea was kind enough to include the recipe, which we really appreciated because these are some wonderful cookies!

Thanks so much dear friends-you brightened our day with your surprise!
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  1. Hey, Keek! Hullo from sunny Florida! What an awesome, thoughtful thing they did! So....when is your roadtrip??? lol! Love & Miss you!


  2. Oh my goodness, I may have to steal that recipe from you. Mocha Truffle Cookies sound too good to miss! I'm still enjoying one of Becky's beautiful candles you gave us for Christmas. Every time I light it the family says, "What smells so good?!"

  3. You are most welcome...and thanks for the Etsy mention. Also thanks for leaving out the part that this is our Christmas


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