Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Color coordination is everything

The girls' adopted grandparents attended their recital a couple weeks ago, even though Grandma S. hasn't been feeling well. They are so kind to the girls (and Clarence and I) and I am as thankful for them as we are for our own parents.

The young girls in attendance were passing out little sprigs of lilac blooms to all of us and I couldn't resist teasing Gordon just a bit. The lilacs did, after all , match his shirt so very well.

Isn't he a good sport?

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  1. He is a good sport!

    You are very blessed to have this 'extra' set of grandparents for the girls!


  2. I just love it when people who don't "have to" love our children. This photo makes me smile.

  3. Lol, too cute! I don't think I have ever met the Sanfords, but I know they have been darling friends just from what you've told me:>)

  4. You are obviously blessed to have this fun guy in your lives!!

    Blessings, Debbie


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