Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grandpa's Get Well flowers

When Clarence's dad had open heart surgery last month, my mother-in-law told the girls that she was sure Grandpa would like some flowers they made much more than a bouquet of real ones.

Allison got right to work.

I picked up a container and some ribbon at the dollar store, we put some foam inside it, and she cut wooden skewers to add to the Kanzashi flowers she made.

(Sorry for the poor quality photo-an ipod was all we had for a camera)

Grandma was right-Grandpa really liked his bouquet. In fact, when he got some compliments on it from his nurses, he was offering to work as Allison's agent and sell some of her flowers from his hospital bed. :-)


  1. There you go! I knew they were good enough to sell. I love that he was already working it after his surgery!

  2. That is so special!

    I think she should try an etsy store!


  3. I can testify to how adorable these flowers are, I got a beautiful bunch of them for my birthday and they are so much fun in all the colors and patterns Allison chose:>)


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