Friday, April 13, 2012

Better late than never?

Last year I somehow stumbled on a cool egg decorating idea. It was too close to Easter to pull it off last year, but I filed the idea away and worked on gathering the necessary supplies so we could try it this year.

Even with all that lead time, somehow I still didn't get a blog post put together until now. Blame it on tax season and my determination to get our taxes taken care of before worrying about blogging. Oh, and the purchase of a new computer somewhere in there because Turbo Tax wouldn't even load on the old one. Not that they're filed yet-but they are done, at least, so now I can share our eggs guilt-free.

We followed the instructions here. We used blown eggs and boiled them in the bottom of a pasta pot that has a strainer insert, using the insert to hold the eggs in the water. Ours aren't as pretty as theirs, but we'll keep looking for ties and try it again next year.
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  1. I saw this a few years ago too.

    We have been doing natural dyes, but this year I just let my Mom have at it with the store bought dyes etc, because I was so busy with the store!

    They had fun which is the whole point, anyway!

    Happy that your taxes are done and that you blogged!

    I miss you when you don't blog....


  2. I agree with Mrs Rabe, I miss it when you don't blog! The eggs are so cool and I'm glad I got a chance to see them, thnks for the post. I think they turned out really well and who knows what great patterns you'll find for next year!


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