Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shower gifts

My niece, Lauren, is getting married.  Her shower was held a couple of weeks ago and we were busy bees preparing some handmade goodies for the occasion.  So busy, in fact, that I snuck up to the gift table after the shower to snap these photos because I ran out of time to get them beforehand.

Julianne created this pillow from a felted sweater (it buttons on the other side), then she crocheted the embellishments for it. It's so unique-I loved it.

I made a shirt apron and cloth napkins in a few different fabrics.

Allison embellished napkin rings (the reason I decided to make napkins) with the fabic flowers she so enjoys making.

Both girls worked on the dish towels and dishcloths.  Allison crocheted edges on the towels (a first time project for her that turned out beautifully.  She's not a pattern follower so this was a stretch out of her comfort zone but she did a great job.), while Julianne embellished the dishcloths with edging on one and crocheted flowers on another.

The girls and I enjoyed making some things for Lauren, especially since she will be moving out of state after the wedding.  We wanted her to have a few things that would remind her of our love for her in her new home.
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  1. Such a nice piece, you did a good job in here guys. Keep it up.

  2. I know she will love each and every thing you gave her. You are all so creative and do such nice work.

  3. Lauren loved everything. After we got home she pulled it all out and said again how wonderful it was that you took the time to make such beautiful things for her new home:>) We are lucky to have such talented and loving family!


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