Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My most unique Christmas gift

I know, it's New Year's Day and I'm just talking about Christmas.  I've been part of an email list of homeschool moms for several years and, the other day, one of them asked what our favorite Christmas gift was.  I've been short on bloggy inspiration for so long that I decided to answer her question here.

I visited a new store a while back and was telling Clarence about all the cool things I saw there (including a cute chair I got for the living room).  The item I kept thinking about was a vintage clothes drying rack.  I'd never seen anything like it before.  You lift the dowels up, pull them out, and a ring on the end serves as a stop so they don't slide too far out.  Ingenious!

 I love how little space it takes up when not in use.  I love that I can hang something to dry on it like I would on a hanger.  I love that it's just so different than anything I've seen before.

I especially love that he remembered I'd mentioned it and found a way to get it for me, from a store that closes before he could get there after work.

So, moving on from Christmas...Wishing all of you joy and peace in 2013!
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  1. Very nice!

    Way to go Clarence!

    Happy New Year friend!


  2. Yay Clarence!
    Warren did a good one too this year. I need to show my new tea pot soon.
    That looks like a very useful gift.


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