Saturday, August 2, 2014

Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday

I gave up keeping track of my age years ago-make that decades ago.  Life got too busy once I was an adult to automatically remember my age and stopping to do the math simply seemed too time consuming.  (Yes, I truly am that lazy.)

This past year has been different, because I hit a milestone last year.  As of yesterday, however, I'm going back to choosing a number and sticking with it.  I'll admit that it's probably time for me to upgrade the number a bit-after all, no one would ever mistake me for 29 anymore-but now that I'm 50-something I likely won't remember my exact age for another 9 years.

I had a most enjoyable day.  My mom stopped by for a visit, bearing gifts, as did my best friend and her mom.  My friend, Cinda, knows me so well and always manages to find or make something I'll just love.  This year was no different.

 I think she bought this at a Relay for Life fundraiser, though she is certainly crafty enough to do this herself.

I especially love the interesting edges of the floral bowl-it's just beautiful.

Dinner out with Clarence and the girls, chocolate orange cake, and gifts rounded out my day.  I went to bed last night feeling spoiled and content.

This getting another year older isn't all that bad after all.


  1. Gah! I spoke to you what? three times today? and FORGOT TO WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and yes, I know it was yesterday. I've had it in my head to celebrate when we are all together tomorrow so forgive me sis. You may need to upgrade your age but I wouldn't go any higher than 39 ;>)

  2. Happy Birthday Karen! Glad you were spoiled and loved on! Contentment is a wonderful thing.


  3. Sounds like a great day! Happy Birthday! Love that plate flower!

  4. I missed your birthday but totally understand the not knowing your age. People think I am strange for not keeping up with that but's just a number. :-) Happy belated birthday to a super special lady.


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