Tuesday, February 17, 2015


For several years when the girls were younger, we had a Fat Tuesday tradition.

I had tried purchasing Paczkis at the grocery store but no one here was all that impressed.  Maybe if we lived near a Polish bakery it would have been different but, as an alternative, I tried my hand at making fried cakes like my mom had made a few times when I was growing up.  They were a big hit and a tradition was born (because, you know, it only takes one time to start a tradition).  One year, as I fried doughnuts in the kitchen, Clarence and the girls ate them in the dining room pretty continuously.  I had no idea how many the girls had consumed until Allison ended up sick in the night from too many doughnuts.

Our schedule changed and we ended up forgoing our tradition for several years because we were at co-op every Tuesday.  Since that is no longer the case, I decided to revive the tradition this year...but I only made a half batch this time!

I tried baking a couple in the oven, and a couple more in the mini-doughnut maker I have, hoping to find a lower fat cooking method that was satisfactory.  Both produced very dry doughnuts so it was back to frying in oil. 

I decided to see if I could cook them on our woodstove in Clarence's cast iron wok and it was surprisingly successful.

My friend who insists we are homesteaders will see this as more proof that she's right.  The woodstove, cooking on it, and using cast iron-all hallmarks of homesteaders, apparently.

Shaken in some cinnamon sugar, they were a tasty dessert tonight.  I'd call it a homesteading success, if I were actually a homesteader.


  1. Oh yum! I'd eat that! I always say to Earl, "If Pacskis are so good why do they only sell them once a year?" I can see how the family would insist that these were a tradition.

  2. Oh I love donuts! I'm choosing to eat differently right now and it's working so it's worth it but I do miss donuts!


  3. You are absolutely correct in stating that this is further proof of your homesteading status! But, what I really want to know is why you brought us cherry pie today instead of doughnuts? They look delicious! (The cherry pie was actually pretty delicious too ;) - not actually anonymous since I'm sure you know who I am am! - Cheri

  4. Your receipe for your fried donuts if you dont mind
    Thank you,


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