Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hot cocoa candle

Earlier this year, a blogging friend and I got our daughters hooked up as email pen pals. It has been a blessing to Julianne because the two girls seem to have lots of things in common, including being only a few days apart in age.

Last week, a package arrived for Julianne. Chelsea sent Julianne and Allison each gifts. She also sent our family some of the goodies she has been making. The girls were getting a little giddy with excitement.

Then we found this:

To me. From Becky, Chelsea's mom. How sweet was that? I started getting a little giddy myself.

It looks amazingly real, and smells convincingly chocolate. I keep looking at it, wondering how she makes those marshmallows look so perfect and gets that tiny bit of color variation on the top of the chocolate, so it looks like hot cocoa that has just been stirred. I love it!

It was a fun surprise and my day was brightened (pun intended) by Becky's thoughtfulness.

BTW-Becky's candles are for sale here.

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  1. Oh Karen,

    I am so happy that you like it. They are so much fun.

    Julianne, and your whole family, have been such a blessing to Chelsea this year.

    I love it when blogging leads to friendships based on similar values.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Wow! Awesome candle! I would love to know how she made it too! Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. There awesome, aren't they?

    I know Becky has been so pleased that the girls have developed a nice friendship! Such a blessing!

    Merry Christmas Karen, to you and the whole family!


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