Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trying to catch up

Life's been busy. I've been spending less time online, and therefore not getting around to updating my blog.

Think back to April with me, if you will. We finished giant co-op for the year and attended the year end program. Julianne's improv class put on several demonstrations of what they'd learned throughout the semester. She participated in the "three-headed storyteller". Each girl said one word as they went in order to tell a story. It was funny to watch them react to whatever their predecessor said, then quickly add a word to keep the story going.

Now we can at least move into this month.

We attended a regional Bible quiz in Indianapolis a couple weeks back. The new teammates you see are actually old friends who used to quiz with the girls when they attended our church. Our other team member and their other teammate were unable to attend so they got to combine the teams into one. They were undefeated and took first place.

These four will be a team for Nationals as well. We're looking forward to having a lot of fun but, in the meantime, they are studying hard.
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  1. They are so amazing with the quizzing!

    Are you done with school for the year?

  2. I hear you about busy! I'm so proud of the effort the girls put into their quizzing! I can't think of a better use of time and effort than learning God's word:>)

  3. I knew you were very busy. It is that time of year for all of us. they go through the Summer?

  4. YAYYYY!!!! A new post! Sounds like those four make a FANTASTIC team! :) I'm so impressed by their vast knowledge. I love you all and hope I get to see all of you soon! xoxoxoxo


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