Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aack! I need help!

I use Picasa for uploading pictures to my blog, as it seems to work best for me with my dial-up internet service. I wrote a post and saved it as a draft on Saturday. When I went to edit it, my pictures were really messed up.
One picture had color about halfway down, then it was just shadows of the picture. The other picture was full color but looked like it had been cut into pieces and then mosaic-ed back together.
I've spent way too much time trying to repost (and deleting), as well as trying to research answers on the blogger and Picasa forums. So far, I've been completely unsuccessful.
Any ideas? Tell me I'm not the only one?


  1. Wow, never had that happen! You could upload your photos to Flickr and link to them there?
    Blogger has updated their design and layout capabilities, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  2. good grief! i'm NO help at all...the least techie person i know! sorry :(


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