Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think it's working again

After encountering various issues, I called our isp for help. They told me to make a change on a modem setting and call back if my problems persisted. Unfortunately, the change was to slow down the modem-as if dial-up isn't slow enough already. However, there are positive trade-offs to the move, so we'll try it for now.

One of the positives is that my pictures seem to post correctly again. I did a "make up" post for our FIAR group's day from May (here) and since it was successful, I decided to post this month's get-together.

For June, we decided to review. The kids chose their favorite title from all our years together and wrote a paragraph or two about what they liked about the day, then drew a picture, too.

Then, it was all play. Here the girls are all swinging together...

while the boys found other things to do.
The parents enjoyed the opportunity to visit and catch up with each other. We came home sunburned, never having given sunscreen a thought due to the clouds, and with more happy memories of time spent with friends.
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  1. Chelsea got sunburned at the concert she went to on Saturday. A good reminder for her that sunscreen is her

    Looks like everyone had a great time.


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