Wednesday, September 22, 2010

300 Post Giveaway!

At long last!

To thank all of you for reading my ramblings, I am giving away a couple of things I made with lots of help from Julianne. (Thank you Julianne!)

First we have a green gingham pillow, decorated with flowers crocheted by Julianne. I kept requesting flowers in additional colors and she cheerfully kept crocheting them for me. Isn't she sweet?

Also included is a jar of black forest preserves, with a jar cozy crocheted by Julianne.

The black forest preserves are another recipe I tried out of Ball's Complete Book of Home Preserving. It's a nice cherry jam with a hint of chocolate.

The book suggests using the preserves as filling between layers of cake, which I tried with good results. I think it'd also be great for thumbprint cookies or a fruit-filled bar cookie recipe.

Please leave a comment on this post to enter, with a way to contact you if you should win. Drawing is open until Saturday night. Winner will be chosen sometime Sunday.
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  1. finally another post! lol ya know, i keep checking in every day hoping for more family excitement! forest preserves. cherries and chocolate - my favorite combination! :) miss you guys!


  2. Woohoo! 300 posts, congratulations:>) the pillow is so beautiful and I hope you are holding back some of that jam for a gift to your favorite sis-in-law...just a thought:>)

  3. Happy 300th post! :o) Your preserves sound heavenly and my son makes the best thumbprint cookies. :o) Your pillow is just darling and my heart is tugged by the crocheted flowers on gingham. Two of my favorites!
    Thank you for extending such a special give a way. :o) Your daughter is so talented and sweet to add her dear touches. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  4. Congratulations on 300 posts!!!!

    I love the delicate flowers on the much!

    Becky K.

  5. Congratulations on writing 300 posts! What a special giveaway, from your hands and heart!

  6. I found you through your sister, Kathy's, blog.

    Congratulations on your 300th post! (I LOVE the soothing blue background on your blog.)

  7. Julianne is SO talented with crocheting! You guys should come back so that she can give me a few tips, we didn't have enough time last time!! :)
    Oh and that cake looks really yummy. :D


  8. Hi,
    Kathy sent me over! Congrats on your 300th post!
    You better save your sister some jam! :)

  9. Congratulations!

    That Jam sounds really good! And Julianne's crocheting is lovely as always!

  10. mmmm.. what a wonderful sounding jam! and cuteness all around on the pillow!

  11. Cherries and got my attention! The jam sounds wonderful!
    And the pillow....toooo sweet!

    Congratulations on reaching 300 posts..... hooray for you!

    Hugz, Dolly

  12. your sister sent heart is beating for that jam!!!!!!!!!! Love the pretty.

    Janet xox

  13. Cute pillow...delicious jam...what's NOT to love here????


  14. I am a new visitor - and after browsing all afternoon I landed here, and can't help myself and had to leave a note after reading your blog. Such sweet things. Good luck on your continues success..

  15. If I comment twice, does that mean I get two entries into the drawing? What if Kayla were to comment once and I were to comment once? And if we don't win, do we still get preserves? Because those look super yummy and I keep coming back just to look at the picture hahaha. Just sayin'. ;) Love you!

  16. Congratulations on your 300th!!
    You and your girls are SO talented!! :-) You're such a fab mom to be raising them up to know homemaking skills!!!

  17. YUM! congrats on 300 posts! I love you guys!!! xoxoxo

  18. I came over from Kathy's blog. Congratulations on all those posts! That pillow is cute and the jam sounds really yummy (plus that jar cozy is just too cute)!


  19. Hi karen, I came over via Kathy's blog, I just had to see for myself about this black forrest preserve. I looks so delicious. What a yummy cake too., and your pillow is beautiful. I admire women who are gifted with their hands.
    I am sorry to be too late for your drawing, maybe next time. lol.


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