Saturday, September 11, 2010

Triathlon and a sneak peek

About three months ago, a young friend of ours (next to Allison in the picture below) asked the girls if they would like to be part of his triathlon team. The triathlon is held at our church campground and is more about fun than serious competition. I guess you probably already figured that out when you read "team" in conjunction with "triathlon".

Almost all of Josh's family was planning to participate. His older brother couldn't race today but did end up tagging along with his grandma for the running portion to keep her encouraged. I was incredibly impressed that his grandmother did the whole race. That would be three events more than I've ever attempted.

Allison did the swimming portion. She was the fourth one out of the water. I couldn't believe she was so fast when she hasn't done much swimming this summer, and none at all in the past few weeks.

It was a rather chilly morning to have to go jump in a lake.

Julianne did the biking portion of the race. When she was through, she said "Never again". We'll see if she remembers that if Josh asks again next year.
It might have gone better for them if any of them had decided to do a little training prior to this week. ;-)

Now for the sneek peek...It kinda snuck up on me but I'm only one post away from 300.
Keep your eyes peeled for a little giveaway I am working on with Julianne's help.

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  1. I am so impressed! Way to go girls!

  2. Very cool! Probably literally, at least the swimming portion. lol

    Thanks for the welcome back! It is good to be home.

    Becky K.

  3. Good for them! I remember jumping in a lake at camp...lots of lake grass to grab your ankles and scare you!

  4. Those girls NEVER EVER cease to amaze me. Thet're incredible! I LOVE YOU!!!! xoxo


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