Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We seem to have created a tradition, without really planning to, of spending New Year's Eve at home. Part of the tradition includes my best friend coming over to spend much of the evening with us, though she usually heads home well before midnight so she can go to work the next day.

We generally end up exchanging Christmas gifts on New Year's Eve, too, as we never seem to find time prior to then. I was completely delighted with the gift she made for me this year:

If you click the picture, you can see the pansies Julianne crocheted to embellish it. I should have known something was up several weeks ago when my friend called and talked to Julianne for a while but never asked to speak with me. The plotting was going on even then.

This year, it was poor Clarence who had agreed to work the next day so we had some girl time after he went to bed because, for the first time either of us can remember, she didn't have to work today. We played games, checked out some of the fun stuff on the girls' new Wii, crafted, snacked, chatted and laughed. It was a fun way to ring in the new year.
As an almost-resolution, I'll try to post a picture of our crafting in the next few days. Should I mention that I'm not one for making resolutions...?

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  1. Happy New Year! Sounds like a cozy time. Love that cute!

  2. Great bag! Your evening sounds fun too!

  3. Sometimes plotting can be a positive thing. It is a beautiful bag. Can't wait to see you. LAS


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