Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here are a couple pictures from our church's Christmas Eve service.

The girls participated in a handbell (chime) choir. It was a first for our church and it was beautiful. The chimes were borrowed from another church that wasn't planning to use them.

The girls also sang a medley of Angels From the Realms of Glory and O Holy Night that they've been working on at their voice lessons.

The whole service was different than years past because we have a new pastor this year. It was nice to have things changed up a bit but still finish the service with everyone standing around the perimeter of the sanctuary, passing the flame from one candle to another (Allison's favorite tradition).

Our family wishes each of you a Merry Christmas, filled with love, joy, peace, and the hope that Christ brought to earth.
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  1. We do the candle lighting while singing Silent Night, too!

  2. Finally, I can leave a message. My old laptop kept losing the date and wouldn't let me do anything. I was gifted a "new" refurbished laptop for Christmas. I am so happy!

    Your package should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. I sent one extra mug.
    Given our experiences it seemed prudent. ((sigh)).

    Thanks for being such a sweet friend!


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