Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Allison's chickens

A few years ago, some friends bought some dollar store chicken yard ornaments and decorated our campsite with them at Family Camp. When we could sneak them over to their campsite, we "chickened" them in return.

The chickens have broken or been given away in a teen scavenger hunt until, last year, we were down to only one left. We left it at our friends' campsite right before we pulled out. This year they reciprocated, since they pulled out ahead of us.

Allison thought we needed more chickens but the place that used to sell them burned last summer. What to do?

She decided to make her own.

She has spent a lot of time in the playhouse painting since camp.

I find the "Chickens Rock" rock hilarious.

Clarence taught her how to use a saw to cut out shapes. For my own good, I was unaware of that at first.

She has them all packed away in the trailer, waiting for next summer.

Hopefully, we'll have room to pack the stuff we actually need.
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  1. I love these Allison! Can I have a "Chickens Rock" rock for Christmas? I think it would look awesome out by the coop:>) I laughed out loud when you said Clarence didn't tell you about teaching her to cut them out. I have such a phobia about power tools I actually sit and pray that E won't get hurt when he is downstairs using them. Ignorance really is bliss when it comes to power tools!

  2. Those are great! What a fun tradition you have going on!

  3. Those are so great!
    I love the "Chickens Rock" rock!
    Very neat tradition!


  4. I LOVE CHICKENS! And those are awesome. Good Job!!


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