Thursday, September 15, 2011

Save the Tomatoes!

Although I've done a fair amount of canning already, I haven't canned enough tomatoes yet to last through the winter. When they started producing in quantity, my priority was making salsa.

We've been blessed this year that the late blight we often battle hasn't been an issue yet. We have all these beautiful tomatoes in the process of ripening...

and tonight we could get our first frost.

We didn't want to lose the peppers, cucumbers, or beans, either so Clarence and Allison went to work getting things covered, just in case.

Clarence thinks the garden is looking a bit like a refugee camp now but, hopefully, we'll get to continue enjoying our fresh veggies a little longer. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get enough tomatoes canned to make it until next year.
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  1. I hope you don't lose any!

    That is awesome that you are able to can enough to last until next year!


  2. Is someone going to sleep in that tent? lol
    I miss you guys!!


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