Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Allison's busy hands

This summer, when our church was holding a garage sale for missions, the quiz team held a bake sale in an effort to start earning money to travel to Seattle next year for the national competition. Allison put out some flowers she made, priced them super cheap, and they sold incredibly well.

The missions director of our church loved Allison's flowers and told me later that she just couldn't stop thinking about ways Allison could market her creations. One thing she thought of was another upcoming fundraiser for missions, a scrapbooking/craft day. She offered to let Allison be a vendor there without paying a fee, if she'd just donate a couple flowers for door prizes.

She's been building up stock:

She makes them in various sizes for a variety of uses. Aunt Kathy shared a big pile of scraps with her when we were there recently.
She made a cool multi-colored flower a while back and then we found some rainbow buttons in Shipshewana-perfect!

She doesn't love making the tiniest size because they're pretty difficult to work with. But, they make the most darling earrings so she's been plugging away at them even though they aren't her favorite thing to do.

One problem she's having is trying to figure out how to price them. The plan right now is to assemble the flowers into pins, barrettes, hair clips, head bands, or earrings, custom-order style, so the customer can choose exactly what they want. We have some pricing ideas but are certainly interested in more input.

Would you mind leaving a comment saying how much you'd expect to see something like this sell for at a craft show? Once I get some pictures of what Julianne is working on, we'll be wanting some pricing input on her stuff, too. Thanks!
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  1. I really have no idea of how to price them...

    I do think they are amazing though!


  2. She has been busy! Nice assortment of colors and sizes. As a crafter and sewer, I never know what to price things as but I can say I'd gladly pay $5 for a pair of the earrings were I to see them at a craft show. Another crafter will know what went into them and thus be willing to pay for that. A non-crafter will think it's pure magic and usually pay even more.

    I've made a few of those flowers myself and I wondered as I looked, is your daughter doing as much mass production sewing as possible? You can use a neutral thread color and do a lot of machine stitching by grouping like colors or hues, leaving assembly only for the hand stitching. Things should also be cut out in quantity whenever possible. Just a thought.

    It looks like your daughter has the makings of a great little cottage business there. And thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. May I put you picture on my facebook'acount as a cover photo, by providing a link to you site?


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