Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some December memories

For some reason, perhaps due to my terribly inconsistent blogging schedule, I've had a hard time lately remembering to take my camera anywhere and, if I do happen to remember it, the batteries are always dead. Consequently, I've gotten very few pictures of anything we've been doing this fall.

So, today, I was planning to post about one thing and was surprised to see some pictures on my memory card I had forgotten completely.

The girls were in a bell (chime) choir again this year. Last year, our church was able to borrow chimes from another church and use them at Christmas. This fall, a parishoner donated the money so we could get our own set-so we are looking forward to more performances throughout the year. The girls really enjoy being part of it.

This is one of my Christmas gifts.

It seems to have become a tradition (I hope!) for Julianne to crochet gifts for me. She found a pattern for a crocheted hexagon and was inspired by my love of Grandma's Flower Garden quilts to create something similar in crochet. It is more beautiful in person than the picture can show.

We had a lovely Christmas and are anticipating more celebrations in the next couple of weeks. Due to work schedules, my extended family hasn't gotten together yet but we will see some of them on New Years Day and have another family party planned in January. It's a nice, relaxing pace and draws the holiday season out a little bit. I'm looking forward to having dreary January brightened by good times spent with those I love most.
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  1. That is a beautiful gift!

    I understand about your camera - I had stopped using mine cause it was horrible...but Tim and Lindsay got me one for Christmas that is amazing! I am still learning to use it, and now I have to remember to use it, as I was out of the habit with my old one!

    Enjoy your extended Christmas celebrations!


  2. I would love to hear the girls playing the chimes...so glad that they will have opportunity year round.

    What a lovely crocheted piece. I know you must love it.

    We got a package in the mail today but I am waiting for Chelsea to get home from work to open it.


  3. I love this photo of the girls, beautiful!
    Fantastic color and patern choice for your doily too, what wonderful keepsakes made from your dear girls hands:>)


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