Monday, January 2, 2012

A multi-purpose gift

When we went to church Sunday, the girls' adopted grandparents were back from visiting their daughter, and our dear friend, Julene, in Wisconsin. They came bearing gifts from her, too.

Julene sent our family some wonderful cheese, an extra-sharp, vintage white Tillamook. We purchased some of it one time in Shipshewana and have wanted to find it again but never have, so Allison was excited when she pulled it out of the bag on the way home from church.

Then the girls started opening their gifts from Julene and found these:

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Allison wearing hers like this. "Hmm", I thought, "That's quite different".

Julianne buttoned hers around her neck. We were convinced it was a little neck scarf. I thought it was quite cute as a cowl scarf and would do a nice job of keeping the cold out, without having the ends of a scarf hanging down.

Of course, they had to try them as face masks, too.

Then my extended family came over. As the girls were talking, my niece Victoria asked Julianne if she'd ever seen one of those "headband things that gets wider at the top" on Pinterest? Because she'd really like one for walking across campus to class and maybe Julianne could make one for her.

Julianne laughed a little and said "No, I've never seen one on Pinterest, but I think I just got one today!"

We think they're just darling, especially now that the girls know how to wear them.

Thanks, Julene!
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  1. They are very cute as a neck scarf tho!

    Happy New Year from Alabama.

  2. So this really cracked me up. Love them all ways. Some a bit better than others, though.

  3. These are awesome! Made me smile :)

  4. Hey!
    Where is the annual Strawberry princess photo?

    The Dad


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