Friday, July 13, 2012

A very different birthday

Julianne's birthday usually falls very close to quiz nationals.  It doesn't make for much of a celebration when we're away from home on her special day.

This year, her 17th birthday fell on one of our travel days home from Seattle.

Did I mention that we traveled via train?

My friend Angela suggested taking decorations to decorate around her as she slept.  Allison and Alyssa hung the banner and crepe paper I brought along, working in the middle of the night so it'd be ready when she woke up.

Our car attendant, Deborah, sang Happy Birthday to her over the PA system when we boarded the train in Spokane.  (There's a long story to go along with that particular statement but I won't bore you with it today.)   It seemed like Deborah made a little fuss over Julianne or at least greeted her every time she walked through our car.

Julianne met a birthday buddy who was very excited to meet someone who shared her big day.

Our conductor swapped hats with Julianne for a picture.  I borrowed this pic from another mom in our group because by the time I got my camera out, he had already shed the tiara and didn't want to put it back on.  lol

I don't know that this will ever be a birthday Julianne would list as a favorite...but I'm quite sure it will remain one of her most unforgettable.   Happy birthday, Sweetie!
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  1. Lots of fun memories, for sure!


  2. Kudos to Julianne for being able to sleep scrunched up in the seat like that! I wish I could have seen her face when she woke up and saw the decorations:>)

  3. Happy birthday Julianne! Miss you guys!


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