Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chair sleeping

Ever have those nights when you can't get comfy enough to sleep?  Or you get to sleep, only to wake a couple hours later needing to find a new position because the one that was comfy when you fell asleep is now causing you pain?  That was me, several months ago.  My solution was to get a recliner for the living room in hopes that I could sleep, or at least nap, in it when I wasn't sleeping well in my bed and keep from disturbing Clarence's sleep as well.

We went shopping for the perfect sleeping chair.  I liked the first one I tried the best-until I went back to try it again a couple weeks later, at the end of a shopping trip, and found it was only easy to use when I wasn't fatigued.  Back to square one.

Clarence suggested I needed to reconsider the motorized chairs I had already shunned.  While I was in town one day, I stopped back by the local furniture store to take another look.  When I mentioned that I was now considering an electric chair, my salesman was quick to chuckle and tell me that they call them "power recliners" as it sounds much better.

During the several weeks it took for the chair to arrive, a friend sent me the pattern for a neck pillow, advising me that it was absolutely necessary if I didn't want to be sore from sleeping in a recliner.  My chair arrived just before Christmas but I still hadn't gotten around to making my neck pillow.

Yesterday, I ended up taking a nap in my chair.  I'm happy to report that it's a very comfortable chair for sleeping but when bedtime rolled around, I had a lot of soreness in my back and arms.  I thought about my neck pillow, already cut out, just not sewn together.  

Today, I finally got it out and sewed it.  Before sewing the opening closed, I kicked back on it in my bed to see if it felt too soft or too firm.  As I contemplated the amount of stuffing, I ended up with a pleasant 45 minute nap.  If only I had tried it in my chair, I could have had a "power" nap.  ;-)

If you're interested in making one, I used the pattern/instructions found here.

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