Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unity Punch

Last Sunday, when I walked into the sanctuary at church, there were some unusual things on a small table up front.  A pitcher of yellow liquid, a pitcher of blue liquid, and a jar with a bit of water in it.  During the sermon, the pastor took each of the pitchers and poured them into the jar, filling it to the top as an illustration to go with what he was saying in the sermon.

Allison was inspired.

Allison was reminded of seeing people pour colored sand into a container at weddings in lieu of using a unity candle.  Being someone who doesn't like the idea of  keeping a lot of sentimental doodads, she doesn't someday want a jar of colored sand that she has to keep, just because it was a symbolic thing at her wedding.

Her solution?

Put punch components up front at the wedding.  Bride and groom each pour into a punch bowl, then the guests drink the punch at the reception.

We laughed so hard when she shared the idea with us at lunch.  We'll see if she follows through with it someday-though she isn't dating anyone so a wedding seems far off at the moment. Or, maybe, it will soon be a "thing" and you'll notice it all over Pinterest.  If so, you'll know who thought of it first. ;-)


  1. The only problem I can see with that is getting a full bowl of punch from the sanctuary to the reception hall. lol

  2. Unity Punch. Maybe we should hold her to it?


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