Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been waiting for something other than our little clump of crocus to bloom. Although I am always happy to see the crocus, they aren't terribly showy. Every spring I wonder why I don't get some early tulips since ours are all mid- to late-season. Thankfully, we have daffodils scattered about.

The daffodils help me get through the still-brown part of spring, when you hope, but are never quite sure, that the snow is finally over. I think our first daffodil opened on Thursday, at long last.

Yesterday started out beautifully and quickly warmed into the low 80's. Several more daffodils and the first hyacinth were teased into opening before the thunderstorms started yesterday afternoon.

Julianne, on the other hand, doesn't need to wait for the daffodils to bloom. She manufactures her own with one of her tiny crochet hooks.

She put them on some wire, then planted them in a miniature pot that Kathy painted for me years ago. A sweet little touch of spring to help her momma remember that winter really doesn't last forever.
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  1. Your flowers are beautiful!!
    Pam <><

  2. Your girls are so talented...the daffodils are really great!

  3. Julianne, I LOVE those daffodils! The real thing really does brighten things up. Mine started blooming about a week and a half ago.

  4. Very cool way to rush spring. It can stay longer too.

  5. Lovely flowers
    both real and crocheted x

  6. Beautiful flowers - love the pictures!!

  7. Oh, I love daffodils! They grow every where here in the UK. All along the road sides and in peoples gardens. It's so pretty!

    Those crocheted daffodils are really amazing!


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