Friday, April 3, 2009

Red Robin

The new, giant co-op we joined this year seems to do a field trip each month. Today was the last one of the year.

It was a tour of a Red Robin restaurant.

We've never eaten at a Red Robin before. In fact, we still haven't. We skipped out before lunch.

The kids had to don aprons, gloves, and hair nets to tour the kitchen area. Hair nets-now that's a look you want to document for future use. I helped them put them on and didn't notice until the tour was over that I had put that little wad in the front on Allison. It certainly adds to the look, doesn't it?

We planned to run some errands after the field trip so leaving as soon as the tour was over gave us a little more time than we expected to have. It turned out to be a good thing.

I wanted to look for a specific brand of thread for my serger that Joann's has discontinued. [Side note to my niece who works there-If you have any influence, any pull at all, could you get your chain to carry Maxilock thread again? The ladies who sold my machine say it's the best brand and not to buy that cheap Joann brand crappy stuff. Ok? Thanks.]

Near the restaurant are two fabric stores so I was hoping to find what I needed. We tried the Joann's store, hoping for a bit of remaining stock. No go. We headed for the second store only to find the Hancock Fabrics is closed. As I turned around in the parking lot, however, Julianne noticed a Hobby Lobby down the street just a bit. What?!?! We had no idea Hobby Lobby had any stores in Michigan. Were we ever glad we had that extra time!

We ended up finishing our errands and lunch by the time I had anticipated getting out of the restaurant. I never did find my thread, either. If only Hobby Lobby carried it...I'd love an excuse to go back again soon.
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  1. Well, i hear that Red Robin has a delish raspberry lemonaide :-)


  2. Hobby Lobby? Keeka, I'm disappointed. ;) lol And trust me, if I had that kind of influence over corporate, there would be LOTS of things that were different. I won't even start to go there haha. I do happen to know that my store still has quite a bit left at the nice, low price of $1.97, although it is going fast. So if you're in the area anytime soon, I'd stop in and grab some. Everyone is complaining about it being discontinued- i don't know why it's happening. Hopefully we'll start carrying a good replacement for it though because I have heard a lot of people say our store brand isn't so awesome lol. I love you! See you next weekend! (With some of that awesome FSB, right? ;) )

  3. hi karen,

    i did a quick google on the thread and found some on sale online. not sure if this is even the thread you're after but thought i'd share the link just in case.


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