Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More signs of spring

On the way to the mailbox today, Julianne noticed the red trilliums blooming.

Several years ago a lady offered to trade a couple of these for something we had that she wanted. We had a couple clumps of white ones and I was excited to get more. I don't remember what she took, I only remember thinking we got the better end of the deal. As in all good trades, I think she felt the same.

The reds are always a bit ahead of the white trilliums. We all prefer the white to the red but I really like the variety of having both.

One thing we didn't realize until a couple years ago is that the deer find them tasty. Unfortunately, we found that out the hard way. Now, when they're blooming, we worry like mother hens that the deer will come and eat the blooms and they'll be gone forever. Thankfully, they have left us some to enjoy. Maybe that's because they munched all the tulips out of one of my flower beds.

Remind me again, Aunt Sharon, why it is we don't like to eat venison?
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  1. the trillions are beautiful. i don't think i've ever seen them before.do they particularly like cold weather?

  2. I love your red trilliums.

    By the way...last night I made my own dough for stromboli....thanks for giving me recipes that actually got me to be unafraid of making bread.

    I just opened the computer, typed in stromboli and made the first recipe that came up, since I had all of the ingredients. It was a huge hit!

    And...Chelsea loved getting a comment from your house on her blog.

  3. Sheila,

    I don't know if trilliums are strictly cold climate plants or not. I know they like woods which makes them happy here (note all those leaves we don't rake).

    Ah, here's a link with lots of info:

    It says they range from southern Canada to northern Georgia and west to Minnesota.

    Thanks for asking-I learned something new.

  4. I do just love the red ones, although I love the white ones too. We eat those pesky deer:>)

  5. Hello Karen
    Many thanks to you for commenting on my blog, so glad it led me to yours x
    The trilliums are gorgeous!

  6. The trillium are so pretty - I have to say may favorite are the red...

    Since Becky mentioned bread in her comment I will tell you that I am making the Sweet French Bread for dinner tonight...we are having company to dinner and I am going to serve Roast and potatoes and carrots, green beans and the BREAD!

    I will post about it tomorrow!

  7. LOL!! I think is is some misguided leftist liberal idea. You don't have to abide by it. I might change my mind too if they were eating my flowers. I love your blog, keep up the good work. LAS

  8. Aren't Trillium's a protected flower in our great state of Michgan. I believe I was told that at the nature center at the county park. They are beautiful tho!


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