Friday, July 3, 2009

My busy week

This tabernacle is a smaller version of the tabernacle where our camp meetings were held when I was young. I love it, just because it reminds me of the other.

It sits on one of our church's campgrounds. One of the churches in our conference donated some "new" pews, so the camp was giving the old ones away. My best friend's mom was at camp last week and heard about it.

Monday, my friend was kind enough to tell me about it, too.

My husband was sweet enough to take me to get one.

Once we had one loaded, I called Kathy. Clarence wasn't sure we could fit two into the van but said we could try.

These babies are 9 feet long! And it was raining. We didn't want them sticking out, getting wet.

We reclined the passenger seat all the way back, to the floor, then finagled the pews over it. It worked!

Don't you love the detail?

I'm going to try to strip mine and stain it. I'm hoping to get it looking decent because I don't want to have to paint it.

I also had a baby shower to attend this week.

Julianne turned 14 this week.

We've had a couple Amish men here this week finishing the windows, doors, and siding that didn't get finished last fall before the weather stopped us. I try to keep them supplied with cookies, so that adds extra baking.

I'm not quite sure how it got to be Friday so fast
the shower gift was done in time,
Julianne had a nice birthday,
and the Amish men finished the job today.

It's been a good week.
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  1. Happy birthday dear niece, and, eeek! i can't believe you scored that pew for me, I've wanted one forever! Yay!

  2. Happy Birthday Julianne!

    What a week you had but so neat!

  3. You brought back a "boatload" of memories just by using the word tabernacle. We used to go to camp each year in Binghamton, NY and at Penn's Creek in PA. The tabernacles looked much the same.
    Sometimes you would be sweltering hot in there...others a nice breeze would blow through the raised wooden awnings.

    Happy Birthday to Juju. Chelsea loves her comments and getting to know her.

    It sounds like all good things at your place...

    Enjoy the Fourth!

    Becky k.

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the church pew. We too, have one, and they add some much character to the house!! Have a great 4th of July!!

  5. Love the pews!!


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