Friday, July 31, 2009

Peppers and Zucchini

I haven't updated on the garden in forever but am still trying to participate in the From Seeds to Harvest challenge.

Remember Clarence's pepper plants in the two-liter bottles? He planted them in the ground in the hoop house when they had little peppers already forming. He is now thinking it was a mistake to wait so long to transplant them because the peppers haven't been getting very big. He's been picking them as they ripen, hoping the plants will make more (and larger) peppers before the end of the season.

The zucchini is starting to yield like...well...zucchini. We have been enjoying it as Honey Roasted Zucchini, using honey from the neighbors, whose hives are on the far side of our mud-hole pond. The honey isn't my favorite on its own, but it works great for this.

The other peppers are starting to produce and the first tomatoes have ripened, which is a bit earlier than we sometimes have tomatoes.

Our green beans are behind the normal schedule. We had some almost ready to pick and the deer visited Allison's garden and had a snack. Thankfully, they just grazed the tops, rather than devouring the whole plants. Clarence put some fence up the next day and we're hopeful we'll have more soon.

We also have beans planted in the strawberry tower that have yet to produce. We're thankful some friends have been supplying us pretty regularly with fresh beans-we've been enjoying them.
The snow peas are still producing pretty well. Usually ours are done by now but it has been cooler and wetter than most summers and the peas apparently have been liking it.
The weeds seem to be doing the best of all. With the amount of time we've been spending at camp, it seems to be a losing battle.
More garden updates can be found by visiting Teaching Good Things.
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  1. Hello Ms. Karen!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment! I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts and advice.

    The pictures of your harvest look great! What do you do with your peppers?

    Our tomatoes are still green. It seems like they should already be ripened more by now. I am going to try to can them for salsa for my Grandpa. We also enjoy eating BLT's!

    Please come back to my blog soon for a visit! :)

  2. MMMMM, everything sounds so yummy!

  3. It sounds like this is a season of learning and waiting patiently. I love zucchini fried and in bread. I've not tried this recipe.

    Becky K.

  4. Hi Karen,

    Your garden sounds great...better than mine. The weeds are taking over but we have had some early tomatoes. We also have two watermelons coming along which we are excited about...hopefully no critters get them! Your honey garlic zukes are delicious and I am bringing that recipe with me to our family reunion next week! Thank you!


    p.s. Ranch camp looks fun!

  5. I wish I had your honey roasted zucchini recipe when I had an abundance and was fixing them every way. Ours are gone now. I have some recipes on my blog of ways I used them.

  6. I like to use zucchini in pasta dishes - sauted in a bit of real butter...yum!

    Also that tea cup is gorgeous!

  7. Happy 29th Birthday Keeka! Hope it's great. Thanks for the card.

  8. yum yum. Happy birthdya Keeka! It was nice to see ya'll today!!! xoxoxoxo


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