Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where to start?

It's been 3 weeks already since I last posted? Whew, you can tell it's summer, can't you?
I'll try to slowly update some of what has been happening with us lately.
One of the happenings was that Allison went to Ranch Camp for a week. On Friday morning, before you pick up your camper, you watch the showdeo!
It starts with a couple ranch hands riding with the American flag and an ichthus flag while the National Anthem plays.
Then the fun starts.
The spectators, doting parents, grandparents, and siblings sit in the sweltering sun and watch about 35 campers circle the arena, one at a time, showing off the skills they have learned during the week. It's an exciting time, I'm tellin' ya.
But it makes my girl so happy that I'm willing to go each year. This year she mentioned it to her grandparents and they all came and watched, too. That is love!

This year Allison got to ride Buttercup, a horse that was previously owned by some folks we know. Buttercup doesn't always like to obey. She likes to trot when they're supposed to walk. She likes to go see what the other horses are doing instead of going where her rider intends. Allison was given the choice of having the challenge of riding Buttercup or choosing a horse that is more compliant. She was happy she chose to be challenged.

At the end of the showdeo, the campers are given certificates.
Allison happened to have a girl for a cabinmate that my girls met last year at Family Camp.

Our church's annual Conference meetings and Family Camp came on the heels of Ranch Camp. During Conference, Allison was again recognized, along with about 6 others, for receiving her John Wesley award. I even remembered her sash this time!
Our trailer remains at camp for another couple weeks so, as we come and go, I'll probably be scarce around here but I'll update when I have a bit of time.
Hope you are enjoying your summer!
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  1. Wonderful!

    Oh she and my girls would get along so well!

  2. Looks like a great time...for Allison. I wouldn't love sitting in the heat.

    Good for Allison for taking on the challenge.

    Have a good rest of the summer as you come and go...

    Becky K.

  3. Glad to hear from you!! Ranch camp sounds fun!! Enjoy your busyness!!

  4. That's my little cowgirl:>) I've been too busy to blog much too. I know I'll get back on track once I go back to work (Shudder)!

  5. That's totally awesome! Of course... It looks like you only have one child in this post lol. Where's Julianne? Did she get left in the camper? lol. I love you guys! I'm glad you had fun and you FINALLY posted again. I got tired of reading the same thing every few days for 3 weeks lol. Your birthday is soon!!!! YAYYYY!!!! ok, I love you! byebye.


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