Monday, February 22, 2010

The rambling resumes

Wow, it's hard to believe I haven't blogged in over three weeks! We've been busy but we've also been having some computer issues that make going online more frustrating than fun. We are suddenly getting lots of pop-ups, no matter what pop-up blocker setting we use, pages don't load correctly, and our virus software keeps blocking viruses. Is anyone else experiencing that?

As for what has been happening here:

The girls' team took 3rd place in the Sr. Teen Veteran A division at their Bible quiz. They are usually in the B division but each month at least one team from the B division gets moved up to even up the divisions. February was their turn. The competition is obviously tougher in A but the girls did well and challenged the top two teams. Julianne also took 3rd place in individual competition.
We've added swim class back into our schedule after taking time off last fall. It sure seems like each additional activity added to the schedule makes the week exponentially busier. I'm sure we'll find the right groove sooner or later.

This past Saturday we were part of a group from church that went to work at the homeless shelter in Flint. Clarence sanded and mudded drywall in the basement where a new bunk room is being constructed. Drywall is about his least favorite thing to do but working with friends makes unpleasant tasks more enjoyable.

Julianne and Allison worked on cleaning the sanctuary area and offices. They washed windows, vacuumed the carpet and chairs, mopped the floor, dusted, and polished the woodwork. Julianne worked as photographer, too, which is why I don't have a picture of her in action.

I had kitchen duty. My friend and I made two types of soup to serve to our group, with leftovers for the shelter to serve their clients for dinner that night. We had taken along rolls we made and she brought several types of cookies, too. It was a simple, enjoyable feast.

We took along another batch of socks and underwear from the girls' "Sock It To 'Em" drive, too. The collection has slowed down since Christmas but so far we have delivered over 600 pairs of socks, more than 230 pairs of underwear, 45 t-shirts, several sweatshirts, and a couple winter coats. God has certainly blessed their efforts and we hope the clothing is a blessing to those who really need it in this weather.
I'll try to update my blog before another 3 weeks goes by. It's been snowing here all day, with 5"-7" predicted by this evening so, for now, I'm off to shovel. Hope you are all staying warm where you are.

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  1. So good to hear from you again, Karen!

    You are busy but with good things. I hope your computer issues get settled soon.


  2. Hi Karen!

    Warren will have to email you the step by step he used to stop our computer issues. They sound similar to what you are suffering with.

    Thanks for posting the picture of yourself! It is fun to get to see you.

    Becky K.

  3. Kudos to the girls for their third place win in a higher division. Lets see, that's a bronze medal right? ;>) I still think that is exceptional!
    Looks like you had fun at the shelter. What kind of soup did you make?

  4. YAY!!! a new post! Just wondering, when are you guys coming to SAU for a quiz? I don't want to miss it! I love you!!!! xoxoxoxo


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