Monday, March 1, 2010

A Thought Provoking Question

"What would you change about your life if you only had two weeks left to live?"
Julianne's reply?
"I'd move someplace warm and try surfing."
I'm thinking that wasn't exactly what the Sunday School teacher had in mind.


  1. I love it! These girls of ours are so funny!

    Becky K.

  2. What else would she need to do in two weeks? I'm with her! :)

  3. Just popped over for a first visit. Enjoyed it. Great work to do at the shelter!

    Come see me soon!

  4. Hey, it's not like she'd have to figure out how to get to heaven or fix her realtionship with Jesus. She's good there! I always knew Julianne was awesome. I just didn't know HOW awesome until I read this :) I love you guys!!!!
    Love, Victoria

  5. The girl is wise beyond her years. Although this has been the worst winter that I can bemember here, it is still not as bad as what you go through every day. I am sure that she would be welcome to stay with her grandparents or me while she learned to surf. I do not know any surfing intrructors but I would sure like to''' LOL, LAS

  6. Karen, Julianne can come here!!

    We have the waves!! People surf all year round here!!!

  7. I see nothing out of the ordinary in her very wise choice to learn surfing, as for moving some place warm, I dream of that and I fully expect to live longer than two weeks! It is no doubt simply understood that learning surfing would lead to a lot of prayer:>P
    I love you Julianne!

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