Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vacationing is hard work!

It wears a person down.

Even the youngest of us need to rest.

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  1. Vacation is all about rest isn't it? Looks like a successful trip to me:>)

  2. Hey, Keek! this comment has nothing to do with the pics, which are hilarious by the way! But had to post what was on my mind. Was thinking of...Hortense Waffle, do I MISS that! As I remember was pants-peeing funny!


  3. They are very funny creatures, are men. But you cannot rest on your laurals forever Please come to my blog and leave a comment, You will like the pix i think and i need to know how to put text between the pix in larger font as you do. Can i go back and label the pix after i have gone on to another post? I have all the material i need, don't we have gorgous children, she said modestly, i just need to know how to best display it. I miss you already but it has been so cold here that you would not be happy. I think the sun will shine again tomorrow. LAS

  4. toooo funny...but oh so true!

    I'm finding that being trapped in the house (due to snow) for a couple of weeks...also exhausting.

    Rest up dear up! :)


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