Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls wanna have fun, too!

Clarence sweetly shared the big toy with the rest of us while it was here. I wasn't willing to try it when he was digging right next to the foundation but, once we started digging the hillside, I was ready to learn. It is as fun as it looks.

The girls have already operated their grandpa's backhoe (um, no, I didn't know that until they told me last week) so they were both eager to try the excavator. Some instruction from their dad and they were ready to go:

Boys shouldn't get to have all the fun, right?
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  1. I love it. When I was a teenager my daddy owned his own backhoe. He would always let us try, and then the fun part, he would let us ride in the front loader, and he went pretty fast!

  2. Eeek! They are too close to the edge! Glad I wasn't there, I would have been freaking out. On the other hand I'm very proud of them:>) Way to go girls! Now move away from the edge!

  3. We have rented some equipment like that too and it is fun! I hope you solve your water problems... it sounds like your husband is very handy and will do a great job!



  4. Oh dear...are you sure that was safe? LOL.

    Glad they got to give it a whirl. It would be so fun to move dirt with ease. Skills. Now those would be interesting photos for their school portfolios. Do you make portfolios?
    I think we talked about that but my memory is weak.

  5. Fun stuff! Tim always teaches the girls this kind of thing, too!

    They love it and it does give them life skills!

  6. The Uncle is most jealous. Perhaps someday he, too will know the joy of operating equipment such as this. All he can show for his summer is use of a pole chainsaw for limbs. :(

  7. You go Girls! ;) My Dad let me try using a skid-loader, when we were leveling the ground for our barn, it was lots of fun!



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