Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water, water everywhere

We've been getting water in our basement and garage when we get heavy rainfalls. Clarence knew what we had to do-dig out and repair the foundation, then re-coat it to waterproof it. Then we started having issues with our well pump and had a new source of puddles in the basement.

I had told Clarence that I'd work on digging around the foundation. I'm not too skilled with most home projects, but I figure I can dig. I started dismantling the stone wall next to the garage and filled a trailer with rocks. Then it got hot and humid and I quit.

Clarence decided to rent a small excavator to do the digging.

He dug up the front yard around the well. He has since realized he didn't need to do that but I'm hopeful he may have finally eradicated the ivy I've been trying to dig out up there for years.

Next he dug out around the garage, which is built into the hill. I'm not going to be pulling the car up here anytime soon.

The excavator did the job well. Clarence found all clay as he dug this. Even without the heat and humidity, I never would have gotten far with digging that. He thinks the clay may have caused the water troubles in the first place so we'll be getting sand to backfill this when he's done.

The garage wall needs a little work.

Then there's still the issue of the well. After quite a wild goose chase, he is hopeful that he has the right parts to fix the pump.

I so appreciate all the hard work he does to keep things running smoothly around here.
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  1. WOW looks like he is working hard! (but i have a feeling he is having fun with that big toy too) :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how something that seems as if it should be a fairly easy fix can grow into a huge project?

    I agree with Shelia, though. Clarence is loving that machine!!

    Glad it is on its way to completion and a solution for your water woes. We had those issues in our house the first year we were here. It took a lot of time and money but we were able to solve it.

    Becky K.

  3. Bummer! That wall doesn't look good, but if anyone can fix it, it would be CLarence:>)You were going to dig the wall out yourself?! Sheesh Karen, glad he got the excavator!

  4. Um, yeah, Kathy, what was I thinking? He probably knew all along that I wouldn't get very far-I'm way too easily distracted.

    Plus, I never dreamed it would be clay I was digging. Considering how well the hillside stayed in place, I guess I should have known, eh?

  5. Oh, the excavator is the way to go!

    Water problems are such a bummer....glad it is on the way to being repaired and before winter too!

  6. Oh I don't envy you!
    We had to do that at our old farmhouse!

    Hugz, Dolly


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