Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Reunion

Clarence's dad has some cousins who are very good about making sure the family gets together once in a while. We had our last reunion a couple years ago, so it was definitely time.

Allison met a younger cousin who was also named Allison. Little Allison was so excited to learn there was another Allison there! Little Allison came up to Julianne a few minutes later and asked if our Allison could ride in the trailer with her. I was chuckling a bit that she thought Julianne was the mom she should ask permission of. I guess, at three or four years old, Julianne looks old enough?

Our Allison wasn't thrilled to go for the ride, but little Allison was just so cute she couldn't say no.

Really, how do you resist a face like that?
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  1. Sweetness!

    I had to laugh when the little Allison asked Juju! In our family people always think Emily is older than Lindsay! Which always would drive Lindsay crazy, because Emily LOVED that...until Lindsay started to say "just wait until we are in our 40's and everyone thinks you are older than won't like it so much!" :)

    On another note - that is quite the mohawk on the driver of the tractor!

  2. She is so very, very adorable. I can see why Allison couldn't tell her no.

    Becky K.


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