Monday, May 9, 2011

Regionals...and a little tale about Victoria

Saturday found us in Indianapolis for a regional Bible quiz. Some friends from our church moved to Indiana a few years ago and invite the whole team to stay with them every year so we were able to enjoy a nice visit with them Friday night.

As for the quizzing...

Julianne's team was in the Sr. Teen Vet B division and brought home a first place trophy!

Allison's team ended up in the Young Teen Vet A division. They earned a third place trophy.

We mostly quizzed against out of state teams so we didn't really see much of the kids we usually see each month, including Stephen (above), who is a coworker of my niece, Vicky, at her university dining commons.

Last month, Stephen mentioned to Julianne that Vicky had shut him in the cooler at work one day. Vicky was pretty indignant that he had told us about that and quickly explained the circumstances. We continued to tease her about it anyway.

Imagine my surprise to hear my name called out from a team bus as we were preparing to leave the quiz. It was Stephen, letting me know that once again, Vicky had shut him in the cooler! I offered to post about it on my blog...we'll see if Victoria decides to tell her side of the story in the comments.

I'm way behind on blogging-I've got some pics and activities I've been planning to post about but haven't found the time to do so. I'm hoping to play catch up soon and be a bit more active here and in leaving comments for others, too. See you soon!

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  1. She sounds like a fun girl!

    Congratulations to Julianne and Allison! Well done girls!

  2. Two things...
    1. I'm really not surprised that Victoria has shut someone in a cooler at least twice...
    2. Julianne's haircut is so cute!

    <3 Kayla

  3. Honestly, that kid deserves it. He also holds grudges for long periods of time apparently. And badmouths me to my family (shameful). all in all, I must say that if he would just learn to use the DOOR HANDLE inside the cooler, then he'd be FINE.


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