Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting the catch-up game...

Remember Easter? Yeah, it seems like weeks ago already, doesn't it? What? It was weeks ago?

Sigh. Late again.

Imagine that.

Recently Several weeks ago I promised our friend Molly that I would post a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses. Since this is just one post of several that I've planned on doing, I thought I'd better get it posted before Easter came around again. Enjoy, Molly.

Oh, and a can check out Julianne's new 'do, too.
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  1. Beautiful! I like that they each have their own style. I'll try to get a good photo of Chelsea's new hair.

  2. Cutie pies!

    Julianne's hair is cute!


  3. Awww! My friends are so purty!! :)
    I really like Julianne's haircut, haha, interestingly enough ;)



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