Friday, May 27, 2011

The things you find at garage sales...

I'll apologize in advance-this is a long story-but it's one of those "coincidence" things that you just know in your heart God has orchestrated for you.

Two summers ago, the girls and I cruised through a subdivision garage sale near our home. As we left one house empty-handed, we saw the next house was also having a sale and walked over to check it out.

We found quite a bit of music, and picked some of it up for the girls to use for piano lessons. We started chatting about the music this young mom was selling and she mentioned that she went to college for voice and used to give lessons but had stopped. Somehow, we then started discussing homeschooling. They were thinking about homeschooling their young daughter and I had to mention how much we had loved Five in a Row for those early school years.

We left with her phone number on a sticky note, stuck to some of the music, so I could check back with her to see if she would be doing voice lessons in the future. The note immediately disappeared. I was disappointed, because Clarence and I had discussed finding someone to give the girls voice lessons in the past and now I didn't know how to reach her. I didn't even remember which street was hers-let alone which house she lived in.

Months passed. One evening last spring, as I was greeting a friend at the library, this family walked past who looked very familiar. She saw me and spoke, reminding me that I'd been to her garage sale. I apologized for losing her phone number and she kindly gave it to me again. But life was busy and I never got around to calling her.

Then, last fall, returning from a little vacation, we stopped to eat at a local diner. I went to wash my hands and passed their family sitting in a booth. I was embarrassed that I hadn't called her; she was, as always, sweet and gracious.

This time, I called and we made arrangements for lessons.

The girls love their voice lessons. Tiffany is incredibly encouraging while pushing them to be better.

Tonight was their year end recital. Since they aren't having a piano recital, Tiffany suggested they play as well as sing.

They each played the piano, then sang individually and together.

Tiffany also asked the girls to bring some things they've done this year to display. Julianne brought a frame she mosaic-ed, that gorgeous doily she crocheted for our anniversary, and her quiz trophy. Allison shared the DNA earrings she made, an origami box with rick rack roses inside, a kanzashi bouquet, and her quiz trophy.

We've been so blessed to get to know this family this year. Tiffany shared the story of how we met tonight and said that our conversation helped them make the decision to homeschool their daughter. They've tried Five in a Row, too, and love it as much as we do.

Believe it or not, once the girls started lessons, I haven't run into Tiffany anywhere again. Don't you love those little coincidences that aren't really coincidence at all?
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  1. I do love it when this happens. God just keeps giving us opportunity to do the best thing.

    The girls are so talented. It is awesome to have someone to help them direct it so they can be their best.

    Tiffany sounds like a very wonderful person. I wish her the best in her homeschool journey.

  2. That is a great story!

    I love to hear about these God directed things!

    We loved FIAR too!

  3. What a great story! Show's you were meant to have lessons with her.

    Just wanted to let you know that I made your honey roasted zucchini last night and it was a big hit! Everyone just loved it. Thanks so much for the great recipe. I'm getting lots of zukes this year and it's good to have another way to use them up!


  4. I would love to meet her! And I think she wants to meet me too! So we have to arrange a day for me to come to your voice lessons!
    See you tomorrow!


  5. It was meant to be. I love when God works things out like this for us. How nice that you got to know the family better and that you helped them with their homeschooling decision. What a blessing!


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