Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby chicks

Allison thinks we should show everyone the latest news from the barn...
Here she is with Pzilla (yes, the girls named them). The other one is named Smoag(can you tell we read "The Hobbit" recently?). They are currently living in a box in the living room until Clarence gets another coop built. These two are all we have to show for 24 eggs incubated. Not a screaming success, IOW.
The chicks won’t be going to the new coop-but he needs room to move the existing flock around to make a place for them. He has some elaborate plan for this rooster to go with these hens, and that rooster to move in with those hens…you know how it goes. Getting baby chicks out of the house becomes a pretty big ordeal. Not that the girls, well, mostly Allison, mind having them near. I just fear the day they are big enough to jump out of the box. Hopefully, that day won’t arrive before they move into their new digs.
This is the new coop in progress. He's using hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. We had a mink "incident" this spring so I think he wants the holes as small as possible.Once the dust settles, Clarence may incubate some more eggs. Or not.
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  1. Your chicks are adorable! I came over from Kathy's blog to introduce myself. My name is Penny and I would love you to visit my blog....

    I am a big fan of Kathy's and I know I will enjoy visiting you too!

  2. Welcome to Blogging, Kathy told us about your new blog and I couldn't wait to stop by. I love the baby chicks, when I was little we had chicks and I can still remember the thrill.

    Stop by and visit when you get a chance. Karen

  3. Hi Karen,

    I also came over from Kathy's! The chicks are son wants chicks badly. One day we may give in! I love the strawberry tower that your husband built!


  4. Egg-cellent names for the chicks:>) I'm loving seeing what is going on up there! What are we doing for Juju's bithday?

  5. Too cute! I love chickens and would love to have some in my back yard. Alas, the HOA won't allow them:o( Oh well, I guess I just have to visit your site often to see how yours do.
    Patricia :o)

  6. Hello! I came over via Kathy's blog and just had to say hi! I love your little chicks. We have four chickens (their names are Violet, Chey, Ducky, & Cleopatra) and we homeschool also. My son turns 13 this year and so we will have our second teenager amongst us! I look forward to visiting your blog often and would love for you to visit mine. :o) Have a wonderful day! ~Tricia Anne


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