Friday, June 27, 2008

Goodwill find

The girls and I stopped by Goodwill yesterday. I don't often think to check their linens but happened to do so yesterday. I was tickled to find two table runners.

I use them to protect the slate top on the island. The slate scratches pretty easily so I've been on the lookout for runners to offer a little protection. I'm not too sure about the blue one in my green kitchen. What do you think?

The other one will be good at Christmas. The blue one set me back $.49 and the Christmas one was $.75. For that price, I figure if I get home and don't like them, I can donate them back.

(And Aunt Sharon, I look every time I go for that elusive mixer.)
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  1. I really love the green tapestry runner. The blue one, for .49, will keep the slate from getting scratched and it does go with your blue and white dishes. What great deals!

  2. Thanks, Karen. The blue and green compliment each other and did you know that is the color scheme for little Ricky's room? Slightly different shades but blue and green. I hope you're enjoying this experience, I love having another place for family info. LAS


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