Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hillbilly suspenders

This is Allison in some of her "home" clothes. You know, the stuff they don't wear out of the house.

She came to me very proudly last night to show me her solution to her pants slipping down all the time. Twine suspenders. Tie on one front beltloop, loop through the center back beltloop, bring back to other front beltloop. We all think it looks uncomfortable, but she assures us it's fine-much better than wearing one of her belts, she says.

She added her straw hat and, to complete the ensemble, pulled out a long piece of grass to chew on. I'm thinking this will be a picture worth saving to embarrass her at her graduation open house.

In other news, the chicks seem to be doing well in their new home. The big switcheroo happened last night. Some adult chickens were moved as well. I'm not sure if there will be more of that to come or not. I try to avoid having too much knowledge of what happens with his animals. lol

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  1. Hi,

    I came to your blog via your sister in law's blog via "the inspired room." How's that? :)

    I think your Allison would get along very well with my Lindsay. Nature girl extrordinare!

    Feel free to drop by my blog and have a visit!

  2. Oh my, I believe Allison and Aunt Kathy are going to go on a little shopping trip for her birthday...Yes, most certainly. The twine, Allison, oh Allison:>)

  3. I am afraid she might have a gene, no pun intended, from gramps. Do you remember the many uses for baling twine? She is growing up way toooo fast.

  4. Hi Karen,
    I found you via Kathy's Cottage. Allison looks ready to garden ~ how cute (and creative)!

    BTW, those oatmeal craisin squares look delish!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Clever girl! That definately is a picture worth saving! :-)

  6. Keeka! Yeah, the twine looks like something I would have done around that age, if for no other reason to bug my mom :) This is super fun- now I don't feel so out of the loop with you guys' lives! So the next step would be having ya'll move "back home," right? :) Love ya!!


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