Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So much to say!

I'm back! I wasn't actually gone anywhere but just couldn't be here.

It is such a busy, but wonderful, time of year. That was part of the problem. The biggest reason I haven't been around, though, is that we lost our power very briefly early on Sunday morning. Thankfully, it came right back on but a couple hours later we realized that it wasn't full power. We continued to have flickering lights and brown outs until late Tuesday night.

We thought it best to leave the computer turned off.

Clarence and I both went through withdrawals, with tremors and all ;-)

So, to update a bit...We had a beautiful Christmas. Lots of love, family, food, and fun.

Oh, and I must tell you about Julianne's gift to me.

Last year, Clarence's mom had just taught Julianne how to read a crochet pattern and she was working hard at practicing her skills. She made me the small runner shown above to use on top of an old desk that belonged to Clarence's grandparents, which we now have. I was so touched.

This year she decided to try making me a table runner for the island. I'm told she had a plan.

Eight rows a day would get it done by Christmas Eve. Definitely doable, she decided.

Until she cut her thumb and couldn't crochet for a few days.

And then her mean mom grounded her from reading and crocheting until she got her room cleaned. Another day or two lost.

Then she found a mistake several rows after making it and had to tear out and re-do. She had to crochet like a maniac whenever she got a chance to make up for lost time. When we stopped at Walmart a couple weeks ago, Clarence gave her his phone and left her in the car crocheting until she got too cold to continue. She doesn't think she'll do that again. I tend to take too long when I get inside Walmart.

She did end up finishing it on Christmas Eve. I am amazed at her efforts and skill. And perseverance.

Here's a closer shot. This is her first attempt at fillet crochet.

I am a very blessed mama.
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  1. I have seen this in person and it is fabulous! Shall I tell you how long my table is Juju? Remember, Aunt Kathys bithday is in May, if you start now....

  2. Oh Karen Julianne has such a talent! She again amazes me with her crochet work. So young and so talented. Please tell her she did a wonderful job!! For you Karen you have a piece to pass down. Happy New Year Der Friend!! The Lord Bless your new year!

  3. Karen,

    I have missed you! So glad your power is back!

    That is beautiful crocheting! So lovely - she is very talented, as Paula said! This is an heirloom piece for sure!

    Happy New Year!

  4. That is just beautiful. I wish I could crochet but that part of my brain won't function correctly.


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