Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We are Santa's elves

Every year, our co-op group gets together for a Christmas party. We have a tradition of exchanging homemade Christmas ornaments with each other that apply in some way with one of the books we've studied during that year.

Since our co-op friends aren't aware of my blog, I can share this year's ornament with all of you.

The girls started working on them the other night while watching Charlie Brown Christmas. You can see how attentive to detail Allison is when the Peanuts gang is on TV.

We've made these ornaments before, just not for our co-op group. This time, Julianne decided to try small silver beads instead of little pearls on some of them.

Now Julianne is preoccupied with Charlie Brown and his gang. "Sure, Mom, I'll hold up a completed ornament-but I don't have to look your way while I do."

The girls chose these ornaments because this year we read Number the Stars with our group.

It's hard to capture how pretty they really are. The lights on the tree make them sparkle. The bonus is that they are quite simple to make and don't require expensive supplies, so rather than making one ornament per family, the girls want to make an ornament for each child.

Now I can't get that "We are Santa's elves. We are Santa's elves..." song from Rudolph out of my mind.
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  1. Cute ornaments!!

    I am glad Belle is doing better and is on the mend. After you send your Christmas Cards out do show us a picture of what you sent!!!

    We didn't realize Charlie Brown was on until is was almost over, so I am bummed!! I love Charlie Brown!!

  2. very pretty girls1 I am sure the recipients will love them:>)

  3. Nice! I have similar ones on my tree.

  4. Hmmmmmmm..... now we do know about the blog :)


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